Building a Home for the Marching Virginians

Update: The Board of Visitors has approved Phase 1 of the project! Read more here!

Virginia Tech prides itself on its constant growth and development. However, since the band's creation in 1974, practices have been conducted in borrowed spaces - outdoor facilities with uneven, muddy fields, cars used as dressing rooms and for instrument storage, and long lines for portable toilets have always been the reality behind the image of this celebrated symbol of school spirit at Virginia Tech.

In 2006, director of the MVs, Dave McKee, was approached by the late Bill Skelton and challenged to pursue the creation of a dedicated practice facility for the Marching Virginians. McKee and members of the Marching Virginians Alumni Association have worked hard to get our message to the right people, and while there have been many obstacles to overcome, we have now reached a major milestone in the process.

Dean Sue Ott Rowlands of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences has identified this facility as a priority and Director of Development John King is working very hard to identify possible supporters. We know this facility will never be built without significant contributions from private donors, so we need Marching Virginians, alumni, families, and fans to come forward and work together to support this project.

We all KNOW the tradition of the Marching Virginians, but now it's time to GROW this tradition!

If you'd like to become a part of the MV Building Project, please contact:
John King, Director of Development
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
260 Wallace Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061-8734
(540) 231-8734


Frequently Asked Questions:

Has the facility been approved by the university?

Phase one has been approved. This includes a lighted artificial turf field, and a small building with storage and restrooms, and a covered pavillion to shelter the band in inclement weather. The facility will be located in the southeast corner of the Chicken Hill parking lot area.

How much will this project cost?

Phase one is projected to cost $4.75 million.

How do I contribute?

Contact John King at or (540) 231-8734 and he can help you with the process.

OR, if you know you're ready to donate RIGHT NOW, you have two options:
  • To make a multi-year pledge, print out this form and write Marching Virginians Practice Facility, Fund # 876044 in the designation section. Sign it, date it, and mail it to:
       Virginia Tech University Development (0336)
       903 Prices Fork Road
       Blacksburg, VA 24061

  • To make a one-time gift, visit this page, click the "Enter Your Own" button, and type in Marching Virginians Practice Facility, Fund # 876044 for the designation.

What if I can't afford much?

Any amount helps! And remember, you can pledge an amount over a period of up to 5 years.

Can I get Hokie Club credit for my donation?

Unfortunately, no. However, your gift will count towards the various giving societies at Virginia Tech, including the Pylon Society.

Are there naming opportunities within the building?

Yes, there will be many naming opportunities, although the exact spaces and donation levels have yet to be determined.