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It's hard to believe that summer is halfway over and we're deep into preparations for the coming season of Hokie football. We hope your summer has been enjoyable and profitable. The contents of this website contain detailed information about the coming year and your participation in the 2014 edition of The Marching Virginians.

You want to start fast? YOU GOT IT! How about less than two weeks to prepare for our first game against William and Mary on August 30? We’ll have a total of seven exciting games in Lane Stadium and a terrific schedule of performances and events like a road trip to the University of North Carolina, Homecoming, Band Parents Day, and the eighth Marching Virginians Band-A-Rama Spectacular.

For old-timers, you know the drill - get your chops back in shape and put those smiles on your faces! You’ll notice that the audition material is different this year — make sure you look it over carefully and prepare appropriately! For rookies, get set for an incredible experience – you'll be amazed as 330 band members prepare an array of shows for an exciting season of college football performing in front of over half a million football fans.

Your date of arrival is clearly indicated in the information on this website, and your registration is due by August 4th. Everything is ONLINE! Please read all materials carefully. If you are living ON campus, please note your accurate DATE OF ARRIVAL on your registration. The schedule is very tight on check-in day, so plan your arrival in Blacksburg accordingly. If you need to arrive early, please let us know!

Polly and I have had a great summer, and we've got some exciting plans lined up for our 40th anniversary. Executive Officer Matt Bollinger and his officers have been working hard throughout the summer to prepare for the season.

Whether it's your first or fifth year with the MVs, please print all the pertinent information on this site and respond accordingly. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we'll see you next month with The Spirit of Tech, THE MARCHING VIRGINIANS.


David M. McKee
Director, The Marching Virginians
Polly K. Middleton
Assistant Director, The Marching Virginians

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Please select the category below that fits you and review all materials carefully.

Registration for Band Camp is now CLOSED!
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for a message about what to do if you missed registration.

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2014 Band Camp Schedule (Updated 8/12/15)

Saturday, August 16th Percussion Arrives
Sunday, August 17th New Flags Arrive
Monday, August 18th Leadership & Returning Flags Arrive
Tuesday, August 19th New Winds Arrive
Wednesday, August 20th Returning Winds Arrive

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New to the MVs? Make sure to also check out our Rookie FAQ. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

What does my audition include?

It really depends on what you do! Dave typically uses three words – Music, Marching, and Attitude. In broad terms, we expect you to do the work as best you can (play well, drum well, spin well), march well (left foot, right foot, posture, carriage, etc.), and be a happy, positive person!

Make sure to download your audition music and get more information from your leadership about what they expect from you!

How many people make the band?

In order to present a well-balanced musical and visual presentation, we have a set instrumentation. Our typical goal is – 36 piccolos, 36 clarinets, 36 saxes, 63 trumpets, 27 horns, 36 trombones, 14 baritones, 22-24 tubas, 35 percussion, 36 flags, 1-3 feature twirlers, and 8-14 managers.

Who determines who makes the band?

Student leaders, with the guidance of the staff, make the decisions based (primarily) on music, marching, and attitude (see a trend here???)

What if I don’t make it?

- Talk to Dave about being a manager AFTER the auditions
- Come play in Symphony Band or Campus Band
- Register to re-audition next year – many folks have auditioned many times to make the MVs!

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